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The good white stuff

If we were back in North Carolina today we would be huddled inside watching the snow fall. And I would be thinking about (read: dreading) having to shovel the driveway.


Yes, that long driveway. It was about 200 feet (60+ meters) long. I will tell you that I do NOT miss that at all.

My family and friends have been sending me photos and videos via WhatsApp and of course posting them on Facebook. It looks so pretty in the photos and videos. But that’s as close as I need to get to the white stuff. I grew up outside of Chicago and have seen more than my share of snow.

The white stuff that we have today is…white(ish) sand, the bright light of the sun glimmering on the water, the white foam as the waves break on the rocks and shore and white seagulls and a white egret. Oh and the white wisp of cloud over the sea in an otherwise bright blue sky.






We’re very happy with the white stuff that we have today. To all of my family and friends I say, if you love snow then I hope you get a lot and if you don’t like snow I hope you don’t get much. I know it doesn’t work this way but that’s the part of me that wants to make everyone happy.

Oh, and I won’t mention that it was 64°F (17.8°C) here today.

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