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A Quiet Week

It has been a fairly quiet week here as pretty much everything shut down for 2 holidays this week. Wednesday was Spain’s Constitution Day. Thursday was a “bridge” holiday where some shops closed and some did not. Let’s be real…who wants to go back to work for one day.  Friday was Immaculate Conception Day. So a very quiet week here in Spain.

Thursday we went to the open air market in Sant Sadurní and wandered around with our neighbors, Kim and Virginia. It was a good shopping day as I bought a winter coat and a beautiful sweater. I donated my winter coats before we moved here so I was in need of something a bit warmer than I had.

Thursday night we had to put up with another gorgeous sunset. We were in the office working and I kept asking Bob to look out the window (his desk is next to the window) to see if the sunset was worth me going out to take photos. This is the result. Definitely worth it.




Friday was a mostly cloudy day and as I mentioned it was also a holiday so once we each got our work done we lit a fire and snuggled on the couch watching “A Year in Provence.” One of our favorites and even more so now that we have made a similarly big move like they do in the story. The things that happen to them as they adjust to their new life in a new country and the lovely locals that they befriend is very similar to what we have experienced.

Yesterday, Bob had a meeting in Sitges so he dropped me off in town. I knew I had to hit the Blue Subur Market so that I could buy a few things from Sun Sand Salt. It was great to catch up Anneke. I checked out the other stalls and did some people watching. I’m still looking for some more Christmasy stuff but that wasn’t the focus of this market. Lots of great stuff just not a lot of Christmas decoration sort of things.

I did some window shopping around town. What do you think of this as my New Year’s Eve outfit? Just kidding.


I took a stroll down to the beach. It was a gorgeous day.


I just love the sunlight on the water.

There were many people enjoying the water either by sailing, paddle boarding, or surfing.








I was thoughtful enough to share a couple of these photos with family and friends in the U.S. that were expecting or getting snow yesterday. 🙂 My Dad and Mom taught me to share and I really felt that sharing these would be nice. lol. They also shared their snow pictures with me.

Once Bob had finished his meeting he met me in town and we decided to get some tapas. Because many restaurants shut during the winter season the places that we would normally go were not an option. We ended up going to Moreno Major 17 and were not disappointed. We have seen how extremely popular this place is every time we have walked past it over the years. We’re glad we finally tried it. The food was fabulous and the service was great. We will definitely return.

Last night I Skyped with two of my favorite friends, Sondra and Katie. The three of us used to work together and have been there for each other through a lot. We did what we used to do when we got together…drank wine. Okay, so it was a bit early for Katie in Colorado but as they say “It’s five o’clock somewhere.” Even though we text through WhatsApp almost daily it was great to Skype and have a real conversation. Thanks lovely ladies! Look forward to the next one. 😉


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