Xan & Bob

The gathering storm

“It had been gradually getting overcast, and now the sky was dark and lowering, save where the glory of the departing sun piled up masses of gold and burning fire, decaying embers of which gleamed here and there through the black veil, and shone redly down upon the earth. The wind began to moan in hollow murmurs, as the sun went down, carrying glad day elsewhere; and a train of dull clouds coming up against it, menaced thunder and lightning. Large drops of rain soon began to fall, and, as the storm-clouds came sailing onward, others supplied the void they left behind and spread over all the sky. Then was heard the low rumbling of distant thunder, then the lightning quivered, and then the darkness of an hour seemed to have gathered in an instant.”

~Charles Dickens, Old Curiosity Shop









The quote describes our weather last night. I walked out of our gate and looked to the left and saw these incredible clouds. I looked to the right and the skies were dark and menacing. I kept snapping these photos and then decided to walk up and take photos of the other clouds. At that moment lightning flashed across the sky and I made a hasty retreat back inside.

I walked to the kitchen window to watch the storm and what a show of lightning it was. There was one strike that came down and lit up the sky on the hills opposite us. I started to remark to Bob that I sure am glad we don’t live…on a hill. But of course, we do.

We watched as the storm surrounded us and put on an incredible display. There were rumbles of thunder and strikes of lightning that made us jump as they erupted with such fury.

The power flickered a couple of times and then went out but not for long. There is something to be said about sitting in candle light and in front of a fire while watching the lightning dance across the sky out of your window. Slowly the storm continued on its way. Illuminating other hilltops in its path. We were left with a lovely steady rain as the finale.

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