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Thoughts of the coming months

My thoughts of cooler weather have brought on other thoughts. Thoughts of things to come in the months ahead. September is going to be fun and busy. Bob and I both celebrate our birthdays. It’s funny while we were at the beach last week I said to Bob, “Gosh what are we going to do to celebrate our birthdays this year?” You see, for the past 5 years we have spent one of our birthdays here in Spain. We alternated the weeks when one of us was celebrating a milestone birthday but either way we always celebrated one of them here. Always dinner at our favorite restaurant, Alfresco. Well, of course that is how we will celebrate them once again. Why change?

September also brings visitors. A friend of ours is travelling from California to Barcelona and then on to Camino de Santiago. He will only be in Barcelona a few days but is going to take the train to Sitges for a quick visit. I believe that last time we saw him was in 2002/03 when we lived in Kentucky. A long time.

Then our daughter will arrive from Australia! Well, actually she will arrive from the beginning of her holidays where she is spending two weeks in Greece with her mum. Can’t wait to see her and show her around our happy place! She will be here for Bob’s birthday so that will make it an extra special celebration. A reservation for three at Alfresco please.

I’ve also been thinking about the holidays approaching. I know I know! A bit early! Not wishing for them to come just thinking about them. Halloween and how that will be celebrated here. I know we won’t have kids trick or treating here but I am going to decorate and wear my little glow in the dark ghost earrings.

Then the next big holiday. Thanksgiving! Yes, I know it is not a holiday here but no matter where we live we will celebrate and have a feast. I brought some special decorations for this and look forward to sharing the feast with our friends here. It will be bittersweet though because we will not be with my cousin Donna and her husband Carl as we have been the past few years.

We’ve been talking about Christmas cards. We use one of our photos and order them online. Over Thanksgiving weekend we write personal notes and mail them off in early December. We will need to plan a bit earlier this year if we order from the same place. I know it is crazy to think about these things in August but I can’t help it!

The other day we talked about where we will put our Christmas tree in our new home. It’s funny but whenever we have looked at a new home that is always one of our questions. “Where will we put the Christmas tree?”  It needs to be in front of a window if possible. So, we have now figured out where it will go here and how we will need to adjust the furniture to make it happen. When we did the great purge last year to make this move I parted with a lot of our Christmas stuff. I kept the sentimental stuff obviously. But to be honest I was in such a state sorting and purging that I really have no idea what else is in the box. It will be like Christmas morning when I unpack it to decorate! 🙂

Am I the only one thinking about the holidays? Planning ahead? Probably.



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  1. Yes, I just checked my vacation days and might be able to take the week off between Christmas and New Year’s…then it will be a trip to CT! I have the extra days because I don’t need to take time off for Thanksgiving to go to NC…because I’m already here!! Will miss you guys for sure.

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