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Thoughts of cooler weather

Who else is ready for cooler weather? To be clear, I do not want cold weather or winter really.  Just cooler weather. I love cool mornings that turn into warm days. I am not asking for a big change…just more comfortable temperatures during the day.

Our first summer in Spain has been just what we expected. Hot but not too humid. We had a brief (we have been told unusual) heat wave at the beginning of August but it has been back in the low to mid 80s F (mid to upper 20s C). It is due to warm up again this week but it is still August as we try to remind ourselves. Our two fans keep the house at a comfortable temperature.

We do NOT miss the high temperatures and high humidity of Raleigh, N.C. where we lived prior to moving here. The other day we were commenting to each other about how hot it felt and I got out my phone to check what the temperature and humidity was. I said to Bob, “No wonder it feels hot, the humidity is 93%.” He replied in a not-believing-tone, “Here?” That’s when I realized that I was looking at weather in Raleigh. Funny it suddenly didn’t feel too hot here.

I remember when we first moved to Raleigh having just spent a year in the Phoenix area that people warned us about the humidity thinking that we had never lived in it before. Well, before Phoenix we lived outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana for 3 years. Believe me we were very familiar with humidity. I know Phoenix is a dry heat but when it is 115°F (46°C) for over a month being dry or humid doesn’t really matter. It is just HOT!

I must tell you that my sister blame the weather on me. It seems that weather changes wherever we move. Or in towns that we traveled through to get to the next home. For example, when we moved from California to Kentucky we stopped in Kearney, Nebraska. Bob had pleurisy so it was a trip from hell already. Then we arrive with our car full including our cat, get up to the room and shortly after I bring us dinner the tornado sirens go off. Softball size hail was the result of the storm. Thousands of dollars of damage to our car. To quote the Kearney mayor, “It was a 100-year-storm.” Lucky us for being there! And according to my sisters it was my fault. lol. Now to be honest we have seen Kearney in the news for severe weather in the past 12 years since we passed through. Clearly not our fault! Florida was hit with 4 hurricanes in one of the years while we lived there.  The list goes on. When I told them that our heat wave at the beginning of the month was “unusual” they both laughed and blamed me.

Because we have lived in so many different places we have experienced all kinds of weather. Growing up outside of Chicago my memory is that we spent our summers hunkered down in the basement due to tornado warnings. I was deathly afraid of storms then and truthfully for many, many years later. In fact, I remember a storm in Monterey, California when my friend Maureen and I went to my house during lunch. I was terrified! Thunderstorms are not as normal in that part of California as they are in other parts of the country so when they did strike the fear I had as a child reared its ugly head. Now that I have been through tornadoes and hurricanes thunderstorms don’t scare me anymore.

On the flip side of my childhood summers, our winters were spent having fun in the snow. We had our share of shoveling but as a kid snow seemed like such a fun thing. Missing school because the snow was so bad. Snow as an adult is not something I like. Must be the driving in it and shoveling that I hate. It is pretty but I just don’t want to be in it.

I’ve been keeping an eye on Hurricane Harvey which is torturing Texas right now.  We have many friends throughout the state so very concerned about how they are. So far they are all safe albeit a bit waterlogged. We are hoping that the rainfall predictions will not be as catastrophic as forecast.

I’ve been through blizzards, tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes. The weather in Spain should not include any of those. So, as I sit here wishing for a bit cooler weather I am thankful for….hmmmm….easier weather. Fingers crossed that my weather curse as my sisters insist I have hasn’t followed us to Spain.

What is your favorite weather? Do certain weather changes make you think of the holidays? What are your weather wishes? Share in the comments!

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