Catalan Peas

Bob and I thought it was time to share some recipes. To start with these will be Catalan or Spanish recipes that Bob has been making for us for years. One of our favorites is Catalan Peas. He used to only make this for special occasions. But thankfully he came to his senses and makes it every week now.

Catalan Peas

Pour about a cup of light olive oil into a stove-top covered casserole dish. Take the cover off before pouring the olive oil. 😉

Cut up 4 strips of streaky bacon and sauté until brown.

Add 4 diced green onions and two teaspoons of crushed garlic and sauté till they start to brown.

Add 2 pounds of peas.

Add 4 sprigs of mint.

Add oregano to taste.

Next add 2 tablespoons each of Grappa and sweet table wine – Sauterne or Muscat and a few drops of Crème de Menthe. Note: So far we have been unable to find Crème de Menthe here but it tastes just as good without the few drops. 

Cook for a few minutes on medium to start and then cover with wax paper under the lid to seal it and simmer for 45 minutes.

Once the timer goes off, remove the stems of mint and discard.


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