Xan & Bob

Nuestra Casa

I thought it was about time that I told you about our lovely casa. We originally looked at this casa last September. While we were sorting, getting rid of stuff and packing to make our move here, my memory of the rooms was that they were much smaller. When we looked at that casa we were not expecting to make this move for over a year so even though we thought the casa was perfect I didn’t take detailed photos. Once we signed the contract, we also had the floor plan but it still didn’t register in my head what the size of the rooms were. I can tell you that when we arrived I was thrilled at the space and how big the wardrobes are.

Viladellops is a small hilltop vineyard with 18 houses. The houses are refurbished buildings from the original village. Each one has its own unique characteristics. Ours has a large courtyard that we are making into a wonderful garden which I will feature in the blog at a later date…as we have one more thing we want to add to it before I write the post.

Our casa is two bedrooms, one of which we are using as an office. We have a sofa cama (bed) for guests or we can offer them other accommodations. (Just in case you want to visit).

Living Room and Dining Room and Kitchen and Wine Cellar

Bedroom and office:

It finally looks and feels like home. We love the rock walls especially because they have so much character. All the rocks are different so there are rocks that act as ledges and there are nooks and crannies.


There is no place like home. 🙂


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