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Time doing what you enjoy is not wasted

Have you ever noticed that time flies whether you are having fun or not? The hours tick away turning into days gone by. The months seem to pass by quicker each year. One minute we are saying good-bye to the year and toasting the new one and then in the blink of an eye we wave good-bye to that year.

One of the things I love to look at each day on Facebook is the “On This Day” section. I love that Facebook does the work for me on remembering. Of course, this is subject to you posting something. The past few days have been interesting. For example, 8 years ago today we were packing to head to California for my dear friend Dana’s wedding. This meant we also got to spend time with my Mom. Bob had just quit a high-paying job that truthfully was the worst job ever and was wreaking havoc on his health. We did not have another job lined up but we were ecstatic! Seven years ago yesterday I posted that we were “drinking champagne with my wonderful husband in our new home in Arizona! Life is good!”

Both of these milestones in our lives marked huge leaps of faith. Bob leaving his job when I wasn’t working and he had nothing else lined up. His health, both physical and mental, were more important than the nice paycheck. We went to Arizona to build a racetrack but as turns out more often than not, the client didn’t have the money to actually get it done and we left Arizona a year later on another leap of faith. My job in North Carolina. We have absolutely no regrets on any of these.  You’ve heard the phrase, “unanswered prayers”, well it is amazing how many times that turns out to be a good thing. We just don’t know it at the time.

So much has happened in our lives in the past 10 months. I can’t believe that come September we will be at the year mark of this incredible dream of ours starting to take shape. A year! How is it a year?

We have stopped counting the weeks that we have been in our new life in Spain. It is over three and a half months that we’ve been living our dream. This morning we spent some time at the beach…yes…again. I asked Bob if doing more of this is what he dreamed of…


We both dreamed of having a more flexible life. Of us having more choice over how to spend the days. We know we don’t get to have beach time every day. The next two weeks are going to be a busy and interesting time for both of us but in different locations. Knowing that means we are making sure we spend time together doing what we want to do.

Time is going to pass whether you are having fun or not. Not all of life is fun. There are more times that we have to be an adult then not but I say make the rest of the time count. Don’t fill your days with so many “have to’s” that you don’t get to enjoy the “want to’s.” It’s okay to say No to too many commitments and requests.  It’s okay to say Yes to doing things that bring you and your family more joy. Make more memories.

And it is certainly okay to take a Leap of Faith! Life is not a dress rehearsal!

Disfrutar! Enjoy!

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