Meeting Spain for the first time

You may be wondering when Spain became so special to us. I should say me as Bob has been in love with Spain for many years. Bob first brought me to Spain in 2013. He is the absolute best trip planner which I had learned when he took me to England in 2006 and France in 2008.  Each of these trips were two week tours of special places. Bob’s tours, not a tour group.

We landed in Madrid early in the morning and after checking into our hotel we went to the Museo Del Prado (Prado Museum). Bob had purchased our tickets online so no waiting in line. We spent several hours enjoying all of the incredible artwork. We then wandered through the city to arrive at The Royal Palace. After that it was a dos vinos tintos and bit of tapas at the Plaza Mayor Square, and a lot of people watching. A full day considering the only sleep we had had was what we had on the flight.

The following day we drove to El Escorial where we took some photos from the outside as it was closed.

Then on to spectacular Ávila, which is a medieval walled city. We wandered through the market and all over the city. By this time I am falling in love with Spain. We stopped for a celebratory glass of cava. We saw 7-8 huge stork nests but unfortunately no storks.


Then we were off to Segovia. I don’t think I can put in to words how incredible this place is. The Roman-built aqueduct which dates back to the 1st or 2nd century that is completely intact. The Alcazar of Segovia looks like something Walt Disney copied. We paid extra to walk up the 152 steps to the tower and the view was spectacular. There is also the Segovia Cathedral which is the last Gothic cathedral built in Spain. Traveling with Bob is like bringing along a travel guide and history book. He can tell you about everything wherever we go.


We spent a lovely couple of hours watching the local people meet and greet their family and friends on the Avenue Acueducto, which is a pedestrian mall, while enjoying some wine and tapas. Our stay at Hotel San Antonio El Real at the top of the Aqueduct made the visit even more special. Like I said, I don’t think I can put it into words. What I can say is that today I re-read my journal from that day and the last thing I wrote was,  “Day 3. I am in Heaven. Seriously could live here.”

Hmmm…it only took 3 days for me to fall in love with this beautiful country. Little did I know that in less than 5 years I would be living here.  To be continued…as this is only day three of the two week tour.

2 thoughts on “Meeting Spain for the first time”

  1. Thank you. I agree. Mention Spain and people think Barcelona. Love Barcelona but there is so MUCH more to Spain than that. And it is so different than BCN!
    Yes, I think 44 years is long enough! Time for a visit!


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