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What Have You Gained? What Are You Missing?

Hello! How are you? If you are anything like me then you are probably having good days and bad days during this strange time. Or simply good hours and bad hours as my emotions seem to be in a constant state of change.

It is such a strange time, isn’t it?! So many different thoughts and feelings to experience. A lot of deep thinking might be occuring with the worry of what the future will hold.

Some points to ponder:

What have you missed during this time of lockdown? 

What have you gained during this time of lockdown?

While wishing to return to ‘normal’ have you thought, really thought, what parts of your old ‘normal’ you want back? 

Being busy…were you busy doing what you wanted and loved or were you busy for the sake of being busy? The glorification of being busy is overrated. 

Did it take the current situation for you to get involved in your children’s education and school work? Do you have a new appreciation for their teachers now?

Are you enjoying having family dinners at home? Are you cooking together? Are you having game nights? Making silly videos?

Are you spending this time doing things around your house that you have wanted to do but never had the time to do before? 

Are you reconnecting, well virtually, with family and friends that you haven’t been in touch with recently? Have you heard from long lost friends? Have you checked in on family and friends that might be having an especially tough time coping right now? 

How are you taking care of yourself? Are you allowing yourself to feel all the feelings that come along? Sifting through the myriad of thoughts that might be clouding your mind? Are you giving yourself permission to just roll with whatever you need at the moment? Be gentle with yourself.

Take some time to think about what you have gained and what you are missing. Then think about what aspects of your old ‘normal’ you really want back. Change what wasn’t working. Embrace and appreciate what you hold dear.

“Change the way you look at change…perception and perspective are everything when it comes to change.”

-Heather Stillufsen





4 thoughts on “What Have You Gained? What Are You Missing?”

  1. Mientras deseaba volver a la “normalidad”, ¿ha pensado, realmente pensado, qué partes de su antigua “normalidad” desea recuperar?

    Es una buena pregunta…

    Un abrazo Xan


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