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Tuesdays Are Unappreciated

Tuesdays have probably never been the favorite day of the week. Most people would vote for Friday, Saturday, or even Sunday. Most people aren’t fans of Mondays. I remember the Monday blues hitting me about 3pm on Sundays…thus ruining the rest of the weekend. The dread of what the work week would be put me in a bad mood on Sunday afternoon and Monday it would be worse.

To be honest, the job was extremely stressful and being pretty much on-call 24/7 as the System Admin for a start-up was draining. Emotionally and physically. If I am being honest even more…my dread was usually warranted. Ah, the things we do.

Now, you might think since we made the move to this little hilltop vineyard in Spain over two years ago that I have nothing to stress about. No Mondays to dread. Well, life is certainly different but even without the insane job and lifestyle we had…well…life still happens. We have had our share (and sometimes more than share) of angst and stress in the past couple of years. There are things in our life that I don’t share on my blog because…even though I put our life out in front of the world, there are things that are private.

So, Tuesdays. Not the most dreaded day of the week for most people but also not the favorite. It kind of gets lost between the dreaded Monday and hump day Wednesday. People even think more kindly of Thursday because that means the weekend is almost here. Poor Tuesday. I feel bad for Tuesday.

I think Tuesday needs a big shoutout!!!!

Yesterday was Tuesday! Yesterday was a great day! It’s Wednesday morning and I already want a repeat of my Tuesday. Tuesday was fun.

I woke up early and sat down at my laptop to write my blog. Because I wanted to share photos of our previous trips to the 24 hours of Le Mans, that meant I had to dig through photos. (Remember the days before digital and phone cameras when you had to have your film printed to see your photos?) Well, that meant coming across a lot of other photos of wonderful memories. Family fun, friends, vacations, more family and friends. Many of the people in the photos are no longer with us, but the photos show times of lots of love and laughter. I’m glad I had to search through photos. I was able to share some of the photos I found with family and friends which made them smile as well. Who doesn’t like to make someone else smile?

We had breakfast out in the garden, as we do now that the weather is warmer. Although we did have breakfast and lunch outside in Winter several times as well it is much nicer this time of year. Yesterday the sun was lovely and warm and the breakfast was yummy.


We both worked in our home office in the morning. I love that we can spend that time together. Music playing. Tapping away on our keyboards. Discussing the little and big things.

I did some laundry and hung it on the line. I know! Isn’t that exciting?! Glamourous life that I lead. Bob made a wonderful salad for lunch, as he does each day. We had lunch outside in the garden, with the clothes drying on the line. A stunning view. lol.

After lunch, we went to the beach. Our favorite spot was waiting right there for us. Empty.






The sea was calm and the gentle waves lapping at the shore.

A couple of clouds floating by but not hindering the sun.



We went for our first swim of the season. While the water is still cooler than we would like, we didn’t want to miss out on anymore swimming time. We enjoyed the sun as we read our books, sitting in our favorite beach spot while traveling to other places found amongst the pages of our books.


Then last night we headed back into Sitges for dinner at our favorite restaurant, Alfresco. An early arrival meant being able to spend a bit of time with our dear friend Xavi. Dinner as always was delectable and the ambiance magical.


Xavi always chooses the wine for us. He knows what we like and this way we are learning about new wines each time. This was YUMMY.



I was the driver for the night so once I finished my one glass, it sat there sadly empty. Pretty but empty.


After dinner, we wandered down to the seafront where we were greeted by these guys.


And greeted by the rising full moon over the sea. Breathtaking.





I wanted to pluck it out of the sky and give it to Bob. ♥♥

She tried to stop me.


But I reached past her and plucked it right out of the sky…


And we brought it home to the vineyard and hung it in the sky above the fourteen-hundred-year-old Olive tree.


Tuesday was great! I feel bad for Tuesdays, more people should love Tuesdays! I do!


5 thoughts on “Tuesdays Are Unappreciated”

  1. You are truly lucky to live in such a beautiful place. I can’t get out to Spain until October. Its too hot for me. However, I take interest in the cooler and sometimes wetter weather here in Wales. We are surrounded by history. I love our South Walian celts the Silurians. I am writing a novel called the Celtic Bloodmoon Prophesy which is inspired by our history and terrain. However I am crazy on Spain having spent a lot of time with my cousin over the past years. I agree with you about life serving up lemons sometimes. But you really are enjoying the positive aspects of yours. CONGRATULATIONS BEE

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Didn’t mean to hit enter on the first reply. lol. Your weather is a bit to cold and wet for me but the landscape looks gorgeous because of it. I’ve been following what you post in our group about your book. It is on my list to read when you finish it. I’m currently working on a fiction novel but will also be writing about our adventure of moving here. ♥
      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. 🙂


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