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Writing, Cava, Almond Blossoms, and a Sunset

It’s Friday again…already. A New Year and the days still fly by in the blink of an eye. Another reminder that we need to stop and enjoy life. We only have this one so we need to make it count.

It has been another beautiful Winter’s day here. We went into Sitges as I had writers’ group today although it turned out to be just Mark and me. We wrote about wishes being granted from coins in a fountain…but there is a twist so you will have to buy our new book in the Autumn so you can read all about it.

Afterwards, Bob joined us and we enjoyed a glass or two of cava and lunch. Lovely bubbles.


We wandered a bit along the seafront and through town before heading off to pick up some firewood. Then home to write some more.



Bob wrote his memoir many years ago but we never published it. Mark has gone through and edited it (HUGE thanks to Mark) and now Bob is working on making the changes and adding a couple of chapters. Our home office is a writer’s mini haven right now. 🙂

Bob’s desk is next to the window so I asked him a couple of time if the sunset was looking interesting. Finally, with a pink glow appearing, I went out to the vineyard to grab some photos. Why is it that I just can’t take one or two photos of the sunset? I don’t know either but I know I won’t ever change. Trust me…this is just a sample of the photos I took tonight.










To make the evening even better…I saw that the Almond trees are starting to bloom. Gorgeous. These ones are too high up for me to smell their sweet scent but it is just the beginning. Get ready bees!



5 thoughts on “Writing, Cava, Almond Blossoms, and a Sunset”

  1. Purple sunsets are my favorite!!! OK, purple skies no matter when they happen are favorites. It would be fun to see almond blossoms in person. It is easy to forget they don’t just show up in a can, they start from flowers on a tree!
    Coins and wishes…Beautiful images. Both mental and visual.

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