Xan & Bob

Accomplished List vs. To-Do List

Happy New Year everyone! 2019!

How is it the afternoon of Day 2 of this year and I am already beating myself up for not getting everything done on my list today!? The past two days I have accomplished so much but here I sit not satisfied that I checked enough stuff off my to-do list. I think maybe I need to write two lists per day.

1.) My To Do List

2.) My Accomplished List

I have always been unrealistic when making a to-do list. I know I should break things out into smaller steps so that way I can really see what needs to be done to accomplish that project. Okay, I have done this before but not consistently. So, I guess I should add that to my list as well. Ha ha ha.

I am determined to accomplish my goals this year. Some of these are big projects and will take sufficient amounts of my time which means I need to schedule my time better than I did last year. Stop multi-tasking as that really doesn’t work well.

I am also determined to be more gentle with myself. So, tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow I will start again. Tomorrow I will make a realistic to-do list. Tomorrow I will pat myself on the back for everything that I do get done.


‘I love planners, highlighters, ballpoint pens, to do lists and anything else that gives me the illusion that I’m getting my life together.’

– unknown (but probably a lot of people feel this way)



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