Beach, Xan & Bob

End of August beach time

It being the last week in August we feel the need to make sure to enjoy summer as best we can. Following Monday’s inside work day we have enjoyed some time at the beach the past two days. We know the weather will still be nice and warm here for a while to come but we know that our sunbathing days will come to an end sometime next month. The sea temperature will start dropping and being the lightweights we are we will determine that it is too cold for us to swim. Thus the need to spend as much time as we can at the beach.

Yesterday we had a lovely time reading, snorkeling, swimming and relaxing. We ended our time at the beach with lunch at Sausalito Sitges. Of course this included a glass of cava and I had to capture a photo.


Once the fun beach time was done it was back home, and I worked until 8pm. A fair trade-off for the beach time.

Today we knew there was a chance of rain around noon so we got to the beach nice and early. It was so quiet with only a few other people there. We knew that would change and it did as the tourists squeeze in the last few days before school starts back home.







Sausalito Sitges preparing for a day of happy customers.


I’m just loving my new hat. I’m reading…Don’t disturb.


Sunshine, gentle waves, reading, swimming, and relaxing once again. I could listen to the sound of the waves forever.

Shortly after noon the rain arrived and we hurriedly packed up and rushed to the car. Grocery shopping and other errands on the way home with some good downpours. I remembered that we had left the windows opened and wondered what mess we would find when we got home. Not to worry…we arrived home to discover not one drop of rain had fallen here. In fact, Bob is out watering the garden as I write this.

I slightly grumbled this afternoon that I have a lot to do and the time at the beach takes a chunk of time from the day. Bob reminded me that having so much beach time was one of the reasons for our lifestyle change and move here. We know Summer is winding down so we need to treasure these lazy beach times all the more. Speaking of that…I’d better go see if our swimsuits are have dried yet…get ready for the morning’s beach time. 😉

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