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A Shopping Spree (kind of) with Mark

Wow! What a day! Bob left this morning for a conference in London for a couple of days. On the way to the airport we stopped and picked up our friend Mark.

Once we saw Bob off at the airport Mark and I headed to IKEA. Mark still has a bum knee and can’t drive so this meant me driving further into Barcelona than I ever have. Another first now checked off my list. It isn’t too far from the airport but still an accomplishment.

I have only been to IKEA once and that was over 20+ years ago when we lived in Australia. My only memory was that I didn’t like the fact that we had to walk through the entire store to exit…we couldn’t just go out the way we came in. We didn’t buy anything. Time to try it again.

Mark needed to buy some new dining room chairs for his rental holiday apartment TulStig Del Mar in Vilanova i la Geltrú and IKEA is certainly the place to get them. We found the perfect ones. Tomorrow we will be putting them together at the apartment. (thankfully that just means attaching the legs)

We pretty much looked at everything since I hadn’t shopped there before. I couldn’t believe how inexpensive things were. I didn’t really buy a lot. Useful things that we needed. A couple of desk organizers, two power strips, pants hangers, two throws that will come in handy in the winter and two lamps. The lamps are my favorite purchase. They stand at almost 4′ high and cost…wait for it…7€ ($8)!


I love it!

Once we finished at IKEA we headed to a mall up the road, Splau. There we had lunch and stopped by a few stores. Then off to Alcampo. As we were in the checkout there I said to Mark, “Do you know what time it is? It is 5:55 p.m.!” Where did our day go? We stopped for a coffee on the way out…it was so good to sit down for a few minutes. Then off to drop Mark back home and home for me.

Exhausting but so much fun! Our new friendship is so great. Easy. We can talk about everything without any hesitation. Thanks Mark!

Now it is 11 p.m. and I must get some rest. Tomorrow we have 6 IKEA chairs to put together for the apartment. I’m sure there will be more fun to come!

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