Beach, Home and Garden

Beach and Bees

And there it goes…the last Friday of July. Does anyone else feel like Summer is flying by?

Our Friday started with an internal piece of our downstairs toilet breaking thus unable to flush it. We removed the broken piece and planned to go to the DIY place on our way home from the beach.

We got to the beach shortly after 10am. What a gorgeous day it was. The water was crystal clear with gentle waves rolling to the shore.






I could have stayed floating in that lovely water forever today. Perfect temperature. It’s terrible but I am starting to calculate just how many days we will have left to do this before Autumn arrives. That is just wrong…it is only July!

After the beach we headed to the DIY and picked up new guts for our toilet. So Bob the Builder became Bob the Plumber this afternoon. There were only a few four letter words spoken so not bad. All fixed.

I went out to water the garden this afternoon and was transfixed by the buzzing of bees on the flowers.

So gorgeous!!!

I’m getting more comfortable getting close to them to take videos and photos. I still talk to them and tell them to be still and please don’t sting me. 🙂





House work and errands filled up the rest of the day and it is now almost 9pm and I am just finishing this post so that we can have dinner.

We have no plans to go anywhere this weekend. There is a Formula 1 race on and I have a lot of my stories to type up for our Writer’s Group book. I am behind in submitting my work for the book which is weighing heavily on my mind.

How is everyone else spending the LAST WEEKEND of July?!

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