Xan & Bob

Settling for more

A random scrap of paper. At a glance that’s all it was. I am always careful about throwing out random pieces of paper until I have read whatever is scribbled on them. Sometimes I have no clue why I wrote down what I did. I’m sure it was important at the moment I jotted it down but some of these notes mean absolutely nothing when I look at them later.

This particular piece of paper came out of a small notebook that I carry in my purse. At some point I removed it from the notebook and…well who knows all the places it has been since then. The fact that it got packed and moved with us means something. I know that I wrote the note over 5 years ago. I know this because below the note I have written my Mom’s passwords for her Facebook and email accounts. She passed away over 5 years ago now and I closed her accounts at that time.

On the back of the piece of paper is a shopping list. “Eggnog, beer, dep (whatever that means), wine, bottled water, milk, and splenda.” Each item is crossed out so I assume it was a successful shopping trip.

But back to the front of the note. Here is it.


What a great message that is! Settling for More! Something we can all strive to do. I haven’t always looked at settling that way.

When my first marriage failed I made some big changes in my life. I became myself again. I changed how I was going to allow people to treat me. I was determined that no matter what I was never going to SETTLE for the wrong person for me again.

Over the years I have told many friends “Don’t Settle.” Don’t settle for the guy or gal that just isn’t right for you. Don’t settle for the job you just don’t want. Don’t settle for friendships that bring you down instead of lift you up.

It wasn’t until I read this little note today that I realized that “Don’t Settle” really means “Settling for More.” I like that message even better. Shouldn’t we all make this our daily mantra? What changes could we see in our lives if we started “Settling for More”?


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