What’s all the noise about?

When a distant sound breaks the silence of the vineyard it must be investigated. Hey, what can  I say…we’re curious. Whether it is the sound of a tractor or a “bump in the night” or a distant hammering sound.

There is a lot of work going on in the area of the Malvasia vines. Along the rows of vines that they planted before we arrived last year they have been stringing wire to which they will eventually attach the vines.




They have also been installing the large wooden tension poles at the ends of each row.  The wire is attached to these poles and then strung through the metal stakes.



In the video above the man walking behind the tractor is feeding the wire into the slots in the metal stakes. My engineer husband noted that the slots are at an angle as someone figured out that this was the way to keep the wire from falling out.


The placement of the wooden tension poles is where the distant hammering sound comes in.





A little direction and they are placed just right.



As you can see they worked hard.



The new Malvasia vines that they planted last month are already sprouting. They look pretty happy to me. 🙂


Always good to see ladybirds/ladybugs on plants.


One might say this is a riveting post. Ha Ha Ha! Okay since it was stringing (wire) and hammering maybe riveting isn’t the right word.

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