Viladellops Village

A Peek at “A Day to Experience”

What an incredibly historic day here in our village, Viladellops. Today the Marquis Marcelo Desvalls (the owner of the Viladellops estate) opened a museum of his family’s history here in the village. “Els Desvalls i Catalunya . A noble Catalan lineage in history”

“The documentary collection covers 4,529 parchments, 289 file boxes with manuscripts and documentation on paper, 554 images (172 glass plates, 377 positive b / n and 5 positive color) and 203 drawings and drawings on cloth, parchment, paper and vegetable paper.”

The collection dates back to the year 981! How’s that for family history?! And what a history it is!




Marcelo’s family have been at the heart of Catalonia for centuries and the museum shares their historical contributions and stories.

Throughout the ceremony and celebration following I took a lot of photos and videos. So, in order to give myself some time to edit them I will continue this blog in detail tomorrow. 😉


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