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Tell people you love them. It’s that simple.

Valentine’s Day. The day that for years Bob and I have said is the one day a year that couples act and treat each other like we do every day. We’ve never followed the stupid guilt and commercialization of the day. I think people put WAY too much pressure and expectation on this one day.

If you love someone tell them all the time. Show them all the time. That’s what love is about. It isn’t this one day to shower someone with gifts or expect or demand those gifts.

Tell people you love that you do. Period. It’s that simple.

I’m sure that this isn’t the sappy post your were expecting from me.


Well, to be honest I struggle through this day. Five years ago today my sister’s and I lost our Mom. God must have needed the biggest heart to take her on Valentine’s Day. I spent the last of her days by her bedside. On the last day I sat holding her hand. I fed her her last meal – vanilla ice cream. As I held her hand I read her love letters from my father. I had found them earlier in the week. The love letters were from when they first started dating in 1959. What a treasure that she kept. Although I know my parents didn’t expect me to read their letters I truly feel that it was exactly what I should have done on her last day. Read her love letters from the love of her life who she would soon be joining in Heaven.

I know that my Mom would be very upset that this day makes me so sad and every year I really do try to change how I handle it. I’m not too successful at that yet.

2 thoughts on “Tell people you love them. It’s that simple.”

  1. Estoy completamente de acuerdo contigo Xan, tenemos que demostrar nuestro amor todos los días, cada día, aunque es difícil de hacerlo siempre. Yo mismo soy bastante estúpido y dejo que no siempre sea así.

    Si perdiste a tu madre un día como este (14 de febrero), aunque no signifique nada para ti, es un buen día para recordar. Es el día del amor, una buena coincidencia.

    El hermano de Virgínia (José), murió el mismo día en que nacía Elsa, nuestra primera nieta. Nació Elsa y dos horas mas tarde murió José. Aunque la tristeza es la misma, el tiempo nos ha enseñado que es un día feliz, la continuidad de la vida, su recuerdo.

    Es una mezcla extraña de sentimientos que tenemos que saber llevar

    Un abrazo Xan


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