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Splendid Sunday lunch with neighbors

Wow! What a weekend. Fin de semana! Part 2. We had such fun day on Saturday. We had expected it to be a couple hour excursion but it turned into 8 fun-filled hours. The fun weekend wasn’t over yet.

Sunday we went to our neighbor Yuko’s house for lunch. And what a lunch it was! A fabulous traditional Japanese meal. Fresh sushi as we made it ourselves, tuna, salmon, homemade miso soup and she showed us the miso that has been fermenting for 10 months. A taste of a very special tofu which is sesame based not soy and tasted (thankfully) nothing like the tofu most people are used to. We drank a very special sake which is fermented not distilled which is what we have had in the past.


Yuko in the wine business and we had some lovely wines and cavas along with the fabulous sake.

We enjoyed this meal with our other neighbors Kim and Virginia, Gloria and Marc, and Hanna who pretty much runs the business here at Finca Viladellops. I must say that the stars were aligned when they put all of us in this little village at the same time. It doesn’t matter that we are still learning each other’s languages. What matters is how we are all incredibly connected in such a short time. Bob and I talked about it the other night…if we did not have such wonderful neighbors then living in this little village could be quite lonely.

After lunch we enjoyed all of the desserts which everyone brought. Absolute gastronomic bliss! I made another of the Christmas Tree Nutella-puff pastry thingys. We had tiramisu, a small cake that tasted like Crema Catalan, and Catànies.

An absolutely splendid way to spend an afternoon. If this is how winter weekends are to be spent here then we will love it!!!!!

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