Sitges, Xan & Bob

Wednesday reflections

The last Wednesday in November. It is still Autumn but there is more a feel of the spirit of Winter. Not the weather just the spirit of what’s to come perhaps.

Today, Bob had a meeting in Sitges so instead of staying home and working I decided to go into town and visit the beach and run some errands. He dropped me off at the beach and commented as I got out of the car that I had the place to myself. And it certainly seemed that way.

Now, maybe it was just because it was a Wednesday but it was incredibly quiet.





Okay, so I wasn’t completely alone on the beach.


It was spectacular down on the beach. Sitges just never gets old for me. I stood there thinking about the fact that I now live here. Yes, even after 8 months I still have days where this all seems like just a dream. It’s a strange feeling.




Just spectacular!

Because it was so quiet it was a great day to get photos without people in them. Like the statues and this great one of the church.





It is almost impossible to get a photo of the church with no one in the way.  So happy!

I  have wanted to capture the reflection in this window for years with no one in the photo. Today was the day!



As it turned out the 3 shops that I needed to got to were all closed today. Guess this is the new winter schedule. Less people so no need to be open every day. Oh well, I window shopped and wandered into other shops. Stopped for a coffee. And then wandered back to the beach to wait for Bob.

I sat down on a bench and watched as the clouds were forming. The light!


Look at those marshmallow clouds on the horizon.


Love the cloud reflections.



Seriously, absolutely love this place!


I’m not fussed that I couldn’t get my errands done. I got to spend a few hours enjoying the beach and town.

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