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A week of gratitude…Day 2…my parents

Wow, what the upcoming holidays do to the heart and mind. I have been in a major reminiscing mood all day. It happens every year. I lost my Dad 27 years ago to cancer and to be honest the holidays have never been the same. I lost my Mom almost 5 years ago. Every year I feel like going back in time to when we were all together for the holidays. Since this isn’t possible I cling to the memories.

Day 2 of my week of gratitude goes to my wonderful parents. Dad and Mom. Dick and Shirley. Besides teaching me all of the normal golden rule stuff they taught me how to live. They worked hard. Played hard. Embraced family and friends. Loved me and my sisters and loved each other. I always wanted a marriage like theirs. Thankfully with Bob I have that.

Holidays were extravagant in the love that was shared with us and other family and friends. Thanksgiving was a time to gather everyone together. For anyone who didn’t have a place to go our table had a place set for you.

My Dad loved to cook. In fact, he did most of the cooking in our family. My Dad taught at the American Institute of Baking at one point. He also worked for Pepperidge Farm and was part of the team that created their stuffing. My mother was a wonderful cook also. Her baking was incredible. Thanksgiving was a time for both of them to shine.

When I was a kid it seemed that Thanksgiving dinner was a very long day of cooking. I’m not sure why that was. It seemed like they were up at the crack of dawn to get things started. Maybe it is because I don’t make all of the dishes that they did that makes ours a lot less of a hassle.

My parents were the best. First as my parents and then as my friends. That’s when you know it is a good relationship. When it goes from parent and child to best of friends.

They taught me to embrace and cherish what is really important in life. Love. Family. Friends. Live life to the fullest. None of us know where the road will take us. We don’t know when our time will end. We have now. Make the most of it.

I miss them every single day. The holidays are just a lot harder on me. Wish they were here.

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