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Sant Sadurní market and beach time

Thursday was Dani’s last full day here. Gosh, that went too fast.

We took the back roads to Sant Sadurní as it was market day. Sant Sadurní d’Anoia is the center of cava (sparkling wine) production. We first discovered it several years ago when we booked a tour at Freixenet. The tour was wonderful.

On that day we had arrived a bit early so we wandered around town. If Bob told you the story he would tell you that he went into a shop to get us coffee and when he came out a mere few minutes later I had spotted a red leather purse across the square on market day that I just had to have. Okay, that is the truth. But that was in 2014 and I am still using that purse today. Well, I was until I bought a new white one there last week.

Sant Sadurní is a lovely village.

The market is not a large one but that doesn’t mean you can’t find something great to buy. I bought the purse and Dani bought a jean jacket and Bob bought fruits and vegetables. See something for everyone!

Rotisserie chicken and roast potatoes was the bonus of the market. As we walked by this stall we all stopped. Since our plan for the rest of the afternoon was to lounge on the beach, Dani had the great idea that we should have a picnic lunch. Brilliant idea!


With our treasures we headed home to get changed for the beach. It was the warmest day since Dani arrived. Still not as warm as we are used to at this time of year but good beach weather. We arrived to the beach being empty once again. Our feast of rotisserie chicken and roast potatoes was delicious. We did our best to eat all of the potatoes but alas we could not so there was one very lucky and very FULL pigeon.

For the record we did wait the full 30 minutes after eating before going into the water. LOL. My sisters and cousins will understand that reference.



Our day ended with a home cooked meal (thanks Bob) and a lovely bottle of Viladellops Turó de les Abelles.



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