Dreams coming true

Friday! The last Friday in July! How is that possible? Today as I finish packing up my cousin Donna’s house I’ve been thinking about all of the lasts and firsts that happen when you pursue your dreams. To make a dream come true parts of your old life have to change but the exciting part is all the new experiences that are going to happen. You are doing what you choose to do!

It has been four months since we followed our dream and moved to Spain. There were many lasts that we faced and WOW so many exciting firsts in our new life. I’m so glad that we took the chance and made our dream come true. I look forward being back there sipping wine in our courtyard, wandering the vineyard or lounging on the beach.

It is so exciting to be here to see Donna and Carl making their dream come true. They have waited so long to move down to the lake. This is going to be a big change for them but a very positive one. A better and less crazy lifestyle. Time to enjoy life. They look happy in these photos that I took at the end of March. Funny…they didn’t know that their dream would be coming true so soon. 🙂

Need to get some sleep now as the movers will be here at 10am and we have more to do in the morning. Looking forward to seeing more family tomorrow but not happy that I have to say farewell once again. Tomorrow will be crazy so I probably won’t have a chance to post again until Sunday once we get to the lake.

As we approach a new month…we’re more than half way through the year…what are you doing each day to make your dream(s) come true? Start living life. Follow your dreams.


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