Xan & Bob

Wear a Mask.

Wear a mask. It’s simple. Just wear it.

Stop thinking of just yourself.

Stop thinking that a mask doesn’t help.

Stop thinking that since you are healthy that you don’t need to wear one.

Stop thinking that you are too young to become infected.

Stop thinking that someone is taking away your civil liberties.

Stop thinking that your rights are being taken away.

Stop thinking that there is some great conspiracy.

Stop thinking that COVID-19 is not real.

Stop thinking that just because you personally don’t know someone who has tested positive that it is not as bad as science says it is.

Stop thinking that just because you personally don’t know someone who has died from COVID-19 that it is not as serious as science says it is.

Stop being angry at businesses that require you to wear a mask in their establishments.


Stop looking at the statistics and thinking it is just like the flu.

Masked Amigos

Take a moment to think of the healthcare professionals that are risking their lives and those of their families to care for those in need.

Take a moment to think of what happens when the hospitals become overwhelmed with patients because the virus has spiked and they are inundated with cases.

Making sure the hospitals DO NOT GET OVERWHELMED is the exact reason why we all need to wear a mask, keep social distancing, and wash our hands frequently.

Do you know that there have been doctors and nurses that have had to make the horrible choice of who they will try to save and who they can’t waste their time and resources on because they just don’t have enough resources. They have so many patients that they have to choose the ones that have a chance of survival. Think about that.

Yes, masks aren’t comfortable to wear. But when you wear one you help to slow and hopefully stop the spread of the virus.



Thank you to Yuko and Montse for the photos.

Thank you @Maskiss.cat for the wonderful masks.

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