Beach, Vineyard

Cloudy Sky but a Sunny Disposition

Yesterday morning at about 3am-4am we had an amazing storm go through the area. The thunder and lightning was constant…and I mean no pause between each clap of thunder nor between flashes of lightning. It was incredible. It brought much-needed rain.

We were lucky as we had no damage in our village but coastal villages like Vilanova i la Geltrú and Sitges had flooding, wind damage, trees down, etc. Vilanova was hit especially hard with over 100 trees damaged or down. Roofs that collapsed, trees that landed on buildings. Their beaches were also hard hit and as of this afternoon still closed while the cleanup continues. Like I said, we were lucky.

We spent yesterday with our friend Mark. A trip to IKEA in Barcelona and a bit of grocery shopping and then lunch. Always have a great time with Mark. Once back home we enjoyed time in the garden. Bob reading and me writing. The storm brought a welcome break from the heat.

My walk this morning was under a cloudy sky that broke occasionally for the sunrise. Still stunning.









“The sky, a perfect empty canvas, offers clouds nonetheless. They shift and drift and beg interpretation… such is the nature of art.” ~Jeb Dickerson

We decided to head to the beach, as usual, this morning regardless of the clouds. It made for interesting skyline to watch, and cooler. The sun would break through the clouds, and then hide away again. It was a yellow flag day at the beach as the surf was quite rough. We only had a short swim but still wonderful.

Let’s face it…a cloudy day at the beach is better than any day in an office.








The picture below looks dramatic because the sun was breaking through the clouds, sparkling on the water and making the clouds look dark and brooding.


The fact that it was cloudy and cooler meant that the beach was pretty much empty until about almost noon. Fair-weather beachgoers! It made it very enjoyable for us.

As I sit in our garden typing this, the sky is a spectacular blue and there isn’t a cloud to be seen.


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