Grape Ape, Shiraz & Xarel·lo

Grape Ape’s Sunday Funday

Hi, Grape Ape here. I’ve been chillaxin lately but this afternoon I decided to enjoy the great outdoors.

Spring is just around the corner and the flowers are bloomin. I love the freesias and lavender. Remember it is important to take time and stop to smell the flowers.




Mom and Dad planted a grapevine the other day so I had to check it out. Still looks like a stick with wax on it. I’ll keep you posted.



Dad and I had some hammock time. Then when he got out…I kicked off my boots and took over.


My boots are almost as big as Dad’s sandals.



I snuck Mom’s glass of cava. Shhhh…don’t tell her where it is.


I found some monkey bars to play on, although Mom told me it is a scaffold. She is so silly…of course, they are monkey bars.


A new pinwheel in the rock garden. I love watching them spin, don’t you?



I sat on the bench and enjoyed the view. The sheep were in the vineyard but too far away to get a photo.




Then I wandered into the field across from our yard and checked out the really cool house that the two little kids that live in our village built. They were so creative with the use of different size stones and sticks and grasses. Mom told me it reminded her of when she was a kid and she and her sister would play outside like that.




Back home for more hammock time but I stopped to check out this big “B” flag. I was a bit disappointed when I found out it stood for our last name, not BANANAS!



6 thoughts on “Grape Ape’s Sunday Funday”

  1. I love pinwheels, too. Especially the metallic ones that sparkle when they spin. I’m a sucker for sparkly things! I once asked my husband for something small, sparkly, and purple for my birthday. He gave me a mini maglight. (I think it is called a torch in your area, but it was super tiny!)

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      1. No…I’d lost my wedding ring and thought a replacement would be nice. He did get an amethyst ring later at the pawn shop. I think the light was more expensive!

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