Sheep in the Glow of the Sunset

Remember when I told you that I’m not obsessed with sheep? Well, I’m not but I do know they will finish their job of eating the weeds here in the vineyard and I won’t get these photo opportunities until next year.

When we came home after lunch with our friends Saturday, the sheep were right up near the road. We slowed and snapped a couple of photos.




Bob parked the car and said we should walk up to see them but I said, “no, it’s okay.”  He knows me well! To be honest I only wanted to take a photo of the sunset. No, really. Oh okay…



Such a calming sound.

See I did take photos of the sunset.







3 thoughts on “Sheep in the Glow of the Sunset”

  1. I loved the last photo. I see a swing in there!

    I smiled at sheep being calming. Annoying creatures, but not as bad as goats. And I wasn’t even in 4H, nor raised the creatures. I was also surprised they only eat weeds. Are the vines bitter or something?

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    1. Thanks. I love that photo too. I agree it does look like a swing but it is actually a branch coming down from the tree on the left and a telephone pole in the distance.
      The sound of their bells and the BAAAA is calming to me but I’m not taking care of them either. LOL.
      They are also fussy about which weeds they will eat. They don’t touch the vines but I have noticed that they are not being put into the plots that have young vines of 1-2 years. I have seen videos online of them with a special upper muzzle/bumper attached to above their mouths which keeps them from reaching up for the vines. They don’t have them on here though.

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