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Thanksmas was fantabulous! We are so thankful that our friends here embrace our traditions as we embrace theirs. Since we hadn’t seen most of them in over five weeks it was like a big welcome home party.

Our turkey was only 7kg (about 15lbs.) this year instead of 11kg (about 24lbs.) but more than enough for nine of us. We made stuffing (my Dad’s recipe), mashed potatoes, Catalan Peas (you can see the recipe here) and pumpkin pie. Cava and wine were flowing (as usual).







Following dinner, Hanna insisted (THANK YOU Hanna) that we all join hands and say what we are thankful for. This is something she had seen in movies about the holiday and wanted to experience. It was a beautiful time of sharing our grateful hearts. We all have much to be thankful for.

We sang Christmas carols and donned all my crazy holiday accessories. Lots of silliness and laugher and of course, we took silly photos.

What an absolutely lovely time we all had. Our hearts are full. ♥♥

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