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A welcome home sunset

Hello! I’m back! Sorry for the absence. We went to Portugal on Thursday to work a race event and we arrived home about midnight Monday night. Yesterday was catch-up day after a good sleep in. I have lots of photos and thoughts to share about the weekend but have to work through the photos first. More on that adventure tomorrow.

In the meantime, I will share last night’s sunset with you. We had rain and sun and clouds yesterday and I said to Bob that hopefully the sun and clouds would meet up at the end of the day and give us a spectacular sunset. That they did.

I walked out and looked at the sky behind our house to find the thunder clouds beginning to form again.



The sunlight was incredible no matter which direction I looked.



Autumn sunsets in the vineyard.





Just look at those thunderhead clouds building up.






After a long, busy weekend with little chance to stop and breathe this sunset was the best welcome home we could have hoped for.

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