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And there goes Friday!

Following two days of “best laid plans” Friday arrived. Friday morning was a bit crazy around the house as we were having faster (not high-speed) but faster internet installed. As Bob was busy with that I was reviewing the writing prompts for my Writer’s Group.

It was my first time to lead the group. This means that you choose a genre or subject for everyone to write about. You research and gather some writing prompts online and present it at the meeting. I had chosen Whodunit at the suggestion of my friend Jeff who was here last week. I read through the prompts again and again and stressed myself out because the more I read them the more I convinced myself I couldn’t write a Whodunit. Bob did his best to convince me otherwise but I still headed out the door doubting myself and nervous to lead the meeting.

I have to say that I am so happy that I found this group and these incredible people. It has certainly taken me out of my comfort zone. We discuss the subject (sometimes going completely offtrack) and then set a time for writing about it. Usually 30 minutes. We can use the prompts provided or start from scratch. Following our time limit we then read our story aloud. Did I mention stepping out of my comfort zone?!

Catherine had just finished up at a job and wanted to celebrate so she bought a bottle of cava for us to share. Cava at 11am! Why not!? Life is short and everything should be celebrated. It was also a sad day as Chrissy is moving back to England so this was her last ‘live’ group. She will still write with us remotely. We’re going to miss her wit and wisdom!

At the end of our session we took a group photo. In such a short time these people have come to mean a lot to me. They encourage me and boy do we laugh a lot.


Following our meeting Mark hosted lunch at his home. I dashed home to pick up Bob and a bottle of cava and off we went. Having been to one of Mark’s afternoon teas I knew we were in for some yummy food! And we were not disappointed. Mark is a man of many talents. We had a great time eating great food and drinking more cava.

Anna wasn’t able to be at our meeting so Patricia, Catherine and Mark read their Whodunit stories after lunch. My story was conveniently at home. 😉

Somehow I did not take any photos of the food or any people photos. I did capture a few of his lovely garden although definitely not enough.

I seemed to have taken more photos of his furry family than anything. I’m still waiting on a few of them to return of their model release forms. Harvey the baby of the family strangely enough signed his on the spot so at least I can share his photos. This is him being a scaredy cat but also curious.







How cute is he?!

Bob and I stayed on after everyone else left. It was great to spend some more time with Mark getting to know each other. It just goes to show…you never know when new friendships will turn that corner and you know it will be a lifelong friendship.


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