Weekly Photo Challenge – Lines

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge subject is: Lines. I took a quick ten minute walk in the vineyard this afternoon to capture some of the lines that I see every day.

Of course the obvious lines are the rows of vines.





A crooked look at the line of vines.



Lines of stakes for the vines and tractor lines in the dirt.



I noticed lines on the trees.

Lines on the leaves.



Lines on the almonds and flowers and grasses.




Photos taken before today also show lines. Shadow lines.


From January this photo of a section of vines. I’m still curious as to why they all face the same direction.


Probably one of my favorite lines is the ones we constantly see of the ants carrying stuff from one side of the trail or dirt road to the other. We often stop and talk to them. We ask them why they didn’t build their nest on the side of the road where all the good stuff is. Seriously we see these so often that you have to wonder who the ant in charge is that made such a poor decision. Below is a video of what I would say looks like a knife fight amongst the line of ants.

Okay so the line is pretty wiggly as they cross the trail with what look like little knives…but lines don’t have to be straight, do they?

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