Mind-numbing and windswept

I started my day in the most exciting way! NOT! Studying the Spanish “Learn to Drive” manual. Mind-numbing stuff I must say but it is necessary and if Bob could study it like he did and survive then I will too. I will admit that it certainly doesn’t make for a cheerful  start to the day. The problem is that I keep leaving it until 7:00 p.m. when I am trying to relax and have a glass of wine. Hard to really pay attention then but now I know that it doesn’t see what time I do it.


Bob had a meeting in town this afternoon so I had him drop me at the beach. As soon as I got out of the car I thought this probably was a silly idea. Although the sun was shining the wind just cut straight through you. I wanted to do some beach combing and take some photos but I found myself not wanting to take my hands out of my pockets long enough to do either. I seriously thought about just going to  a cafe and having a coffee to wait for Bob but I didn’t.

I needed to have a talk with myself and it is best when you are talking to yourself to do it away from lots of people. I’ve been in a mood today that I didn’t like and needed to snap out of it thus the private conversation. 😉

As I chatted with myself and braced myself against the cold wind I did snap a few photos.





It was gorgeous. I found myself making up songs about the cold, you know my own words but to songs that already exist. One of them was really good (if I do say so myself) but no matter how hard I try I can’t remember how it went now.

I like how this part of the beach looks with the mini sand swept dunes.




I did take a video of the waves but the sound of the wind cancels out any enjoyable sound of the waves.



After an hour and a half I decided to walk towards town as Bob and I had errands to run there when he finished. I figured I would get there and have a nice hot cup of coffee before he arrived. He must have called me five minutes after I made this decision and picked me up before I started the walk to town.

I did enjoy the beach even if I do feel a bit windburned tonight.



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