Christmas Cards

Today I packed up all of the Christmas decorations. Well, all except our Christmas card holder. My cousin Donna bought this for me years ago and I love it. I always take a photo of the first Christmas card we receive and I try to take one before we take it down after it is all filled up.


I am guessing (hoping) that there are a few more cards on the way. Due to the distance and postal service I’m sure we will see more next week. Thus the card holder will stay hanging up for a bit longer.

I realize many people are going digital and some are going green by not sending cards. It can be expensive. I get it and I do understand. But I LOVE getting Christmas cards in the mail. I love the personal notes that people write in them. I love the photo cards! I just LOVE getting Christmas cards. So, to those of you who sent us one we say thank you!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Cards”

  1. I see that our card made it to you! Yippee. I love that holder as well. I did something different this year and like that as well. My cards will stay up for a while…

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