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My Dad’s birthday

I didn’t write a blog yesterday. I knew what I wanted to write about but had a busy day and then Skyped with my sisters until 8pm. A little late to start it then. But it was probably more due to the emotion of the subject. So…here goes.

Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday. He would have been 86 years old. Sadly, we lost him to cancer when he was only 58 years young. I miss him every day. I know that both he and my Mom are with me every day and especially at this time of year.

This photo of him with my sister Sandy pushing her bunny in a stroller is a perfect depiction of the Dad he was. This is Sandy’s favorite photo. Look at her smile.


Dad, Mom and my sister Vicky. So precious.


He was our Santa. This is my sister Vicky and I with Santa. wink wink. I don’t know whether we knew it was him or not. Well, Vicky probably did because she is the smart one!


When I was 22 years old he colored Easter eggs and hid them for me. Never grow up! Life is to be lived.


My christening.


There is so much that we have missed not having him here. But I know he has helped guide us over the years.

Last night we had another amazing sunset. As I was standing out in the vines taking photos I was thinking that if he had made this move to the vineyard he would be out in the vines with the workers each day learning every detail. Asking every imaginable question. Taking part in pruning, picking and wine making.

I think maybe he was smiling down last night while I took this photo. I see the heart that he included in the clouds just for me.




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