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Adios Thanksgiving. Hola Christmas

The Thanksgiving decorations are packed away for another year. Now it is time to focus on the Christmas decorating. Christmas is only 28 days away! No time to waste if we want to really enjoy the holiday season.

Bob is already done writing out his Christmas cards and I will start on mine tonight. I ordered postage stamps online and they should be here within a couple of days. We send out a lot of cards so we try to get it done early. I’m looking forward to writing mine without the pressure of the busyness of my old life. We always look forward to receiving cards as much as we enjoy sending them.


We started listening to Christmas music on Thanksgiving as we were cooking. Bob just asked if I wanted to watch a Christmas movie tonight. 🙂 He’s a keeper!

Tomorrow we plan to get our tree. We have seen a couple of shops that had live trees so that’s what we will probably get. There are not tree lots on every other corner (or any corner for that matter) here as there were back home. The live tree will be much smaller than we usually get but that’s okay. We have less ornaments since I purged before the move.


I still haven’t unpacked the Christmas box so I really don’t know how much I have to decorate but it will be enough. Normally the day after Christmas I am ready to put all the decorations away and take down the tree because of the clutter. I don’t think it will be that way this year. That’s a nice thought. Simplicity.

Being in a new house is always fun as you get to decorate things differently. Not that there is anything wrong with tradition…I just haven’t lived in one place long enough in the past 25 years to create those traditions.

I did this down our staircase last year but won’t be able to do that here. I did love it.


In Cary, North Carolina the Boy Scouts came around each year and sold luminaries. I know we could have made our own but it was for a great cause. The instructions were to put them out on Christmas Eve. Quite pretty when everyone puts them out on the same night.


I think I packed all the pieces to this guy so we can put him up this year.


There are some decorations that I passed on to family and friends. One of them was my Boyd’s Bears Nativity set. I kept our family nativity set instead. This one went to great friends and they have already sent us photos of it displayed in their new home. Makes me happy knowing it is loved.


I am looking forward to our first Christmas in our new home. I am excited about unpacking the Christmas box tomorrow to see what is in there. Although there are decorations that I have passed on I will always hold unto the memories of them in my heart. I sure am glad I took photos through the years.

Time to get upstairs, in front of the fire with Bob and a glass of wine and write my Christmas cards.

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