Xan & Bob

A week of gratitude…Day 5…warmth

For Day 5 of my week of gratitude I am grateful for one of the creature comforts of home. Today our heating got fixed. It worked fine when we moved here almost 8 months ago but for some reason has not worked this fall…at all. Sorry I needed that rhyme. 😉

Last week we asked our wonderful friend Kim if he might know why it wasn’t working. He programmed the thermostat and we waited to see what would happen. Hours later…still no heat. The boiler works cause we have hot water and the thermostat works cause it indicates the temperature accurately. The problem is they aren’t talking to each other. Kim and Virginia called the boiler company for us and made an appointment for today.

The repairman just left. The pump was blocked. We now have heat! Life is good.

We were surviving without it, don’t get me wrong. It only got down to 62° F (16.7° C). I am always cold so I have been wearing several layers and we also had a lovely fire every night. We put a down comforter on the bed which I then nicknamed the marshmallow bed. So we have been surviving.


But heat is greatly appreciated.

Of course now we will watch to see how quickly the heating oil starts going down so we can determine if we need to adjust the thermostat at all. It is amazing how watching the oil go down makes you think of how much it costs. Unlike in every house in the States  that I lived in where we just turned the thermostat up when we were cold…and didn’t think about it. We paid the bill when it came but truthfully I didn’t give it too much thought. Now I get it!

So…it may seem like a simple thing. Perhaps a silly thing to count on my week of gratitude but I am thankful for heat. And let’s just throw in electricity,  water, and a roof over our heads. Sometimes you have to lose one of those things to have a new appreciation for it.




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