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Some enchanted evenings

It has been a fun few days/nights here in our little hilltop village. Friday evening we had  a lovely dinner with our neighbors/friends. We are all still working on learning each other’s languages but that doesn’t stop us from having a blast together. The meal was delicious, eaten alfresco with the Harvest Moon rising from behind the hill.




Goku waited patiently for someone…anyone to throw the ball.



Saturday night we attended an art exhibition here in the village.

Exposición De Pintura:

Obra Sobre Papel 

La Quietud Del  Movimiento

Glória Arenas Ylla

Gloria is our neighbor and friend. We were so thrilled to be there to cheer her on and to see her beautiful paintings.

I did not go prepared with a proper camera and flash to take photos of her paintings but above is a sampling of them. For this I am sorry but I will try to get back in and take proper photos to share with you.

A great crowd of friends and colleagues were in attendance. We all had such a wonderful time enjoying her paintings and getting to know each other.

What a fabulous evening! Congratulations Gloria!



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