Family, Sitges

Wandering around Sitges with Dani

Monday, we decided to spend the day wandering around Sitges and doing a bit of shopping. I’ve told you before that Sitges is a magical place. Bob and I have wandered these streets many, many times over the past five years of our vacations here. Since we moved here we still love going into Sitges and walking the streets. It just never gets old.

There are so many great little shops and they all seem to be having sales all the time. Especially now with the end of summer and autumn weather approaching. It’s fun even if you are just window shopping.

Even though Bob and I have spent so much time here there are many things that we still need to do including checking out the museums. As we pointed places out to Dani we commented that we haven’t been inside this place or that place yet. A good thing to do when the weather forces us inside I think.

I think I could take photos around Sitges forever.










Once it was time for the shops to close for lunch we stopped and had tapas and did some people watching. We love eating alfresco and watching the parade go by. I love trying to guess their stories. How did they hear of Sitges? Is this their first visit? Do they love it as much as we do? Is it magical to them as well?

A somewhat lazy day spent together. Shopping. Dining. But most importantly is just the time that the three of us had together. Not rushing around. Just a perfect way to spend the day.


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