A day with Raventós i Blanc

Last September when we were here on vacation our friend Xavi took us to meet his friends at Raventós i Blanc, a winery in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia. Shortly after arriving we climbed into an old Land Rover with five or six other people. The others we would learn later were all wine buyers or restaurant owners.



The tour was given in Catalan but thankfully Xavi explained what we didn’t understand. The wonderful things about languages is that when the subject is something that you are familiar with it makes it easier to get the gist of a conversation even if you don’t understand every word.

The history is amazing as the Raventós family have been making wine on this land since 1497. In fact, Josep Raventós Fatjó, made the first sparkling wine in Spain. To find out more I encourage you to check out their website here. Their approach to wine making using biodynamics is an incredible story as they work the land with animals not machines.






Following the tour we were treated to a lovely lunch in the winery library hosted by Jaime Raventós with Pepe joining us towards the end.


It was incredible to hear about the history of the land and the family and what they have endured throughout the years. As we have found with others here, they hold great pride when sharing the history of their families.

Raventós have already started harvesting this year which is earlier than normal. We look forward to tasting the latest vintage.



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