Visitors from Oz

My week of firsts is going great. I have tackled each “first” and checked it off my list. I will admit that it feels good. Yesterday’s “first” was driving into Sitges on my own. What a day it was.

Yesterday I had the chance to show new friends around Sitges. Michelle and Mark were in Barcelona for a few short days before they continued their trip around Europe. We know Michelle’s parents, Bruce and Tilli from Australia and as I mentioned in my blog the other day…if she was anything like her parents I knew we would have a great time. And we did!

We had a brief storm and rain come through Wednesday night which brought cooler temperatures. It made for a perfect day to wander around. Just look at that sky!



Sitges has a fabulous collection of little shops and I will admit that we wandered into a few of them. What a perfect way to spend the day! Actually, Michelle we missed so many of them that you guys need to make a return visit. Then we can try to hit all the ones we missed.

I took them down the promenade to Sausalito Beach for a bite to eat. They took a quick swim and since I didn’t have my suit I had to just sit back and put up with the view.



I told them that this was only the second or third time I had seen the waves like this. For people who live on the beaches of Australia this must seem funny. But after Michelle and Mark had their swim the lifeguards made everyone get off of the rocks as the waves had started crashing against them. The wind started to pick up more and I predicted that the lifeguards were going to put up the red flag. Mark, who surfs, must have thought this was hilarious because to him it didn’t look bad. For here it was bad. A short time later they did put the red flags up and ushered everyone from the water.

For the record this is how it usually is.


With the wind on our backs we went back towards town. Just how gorgeous is this!?

In yesterday’s blog I spoke of friendships. Last night as I was thinking about our day I thought about how friendships start. Here were three people who had never met that spent an absolutely lovely day together. Not only enjoying Sitges but better yet, getting to know and enjoying each other.

Looking at the smiles I would say that we all enjoyed the day. Thank you both so much for visiting and for a wonderful day! Enjoy the rest of your trip.

2 thoughts on “Visitors from Oz”

  1. Hi Xan just joined up to your blog so we can stay in touch. We had a fabulous day in Sitjes, thank you for being our tour guide and Michelle’s shopping buddy. What a beautiful placed tucked away and yet so close to Barcelona. A fantastic way to spend a day, meet and make new friends, and relax at a slower pace. We will definitely need to revisit. Michelle and Mark

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