Calella de Palafrugell

Last week we went to see a business associate of Bob’s who was visiting from England. We had decided to meet Ben and his wife Katherine in Calella de Palafrugell a gorgeous little coastal town.

It was just under a 2-hour drive from our home in Viladellops. A beautiful drive that once again proves Spain is not all arid country which many may think. We left the vineyards and drove through farm land.


When we arrived, we were surprised to find parking easy however we know that on weekends and during summer this would not be possible. As we walked down in to town we could see this is a very special place. And then we turned a corner and this was the view.


Wow! Like I said…a special place.

We started with a glass of cava at one seaside restaurant and then wandered back to the cove and stopped for lunch at El Didal. A spectacular setting and attentive staff. Unfortunately, the rice (paella) was very disappointing. Maybe it is catered to tourists who haven’t had paella before and don’t know what to expect. Having said that we have had paella at touristy places in Sitges that were much better.

To be honest the best way to get a true paella (if Bob is not cooking it for us) is to ask someone local where they would recommend. We did this in Sitges a couple of years ago. We asked one of the wonderful staff at Dolce Sitges where we could find true paella. He told us to go to Casa Hidalgo and wow what a treat that was. This fabulous restaurant became one of our favorites and not just for the paella.

Paella aside we had a lovely time with Ben and Katherine. It was great to get to know them and share the crazy story of our move. After lunch Bob and I explored a bit more of the town.


Spectacular, isn’t it? There is so much more to explore there but it will have to wait for another time. We needed to return home to pick up a registered letter that had arrived at the office while we were gone. I’ve told you that there is always one more document needed. Well, this was the last (fingers crossed) document that I needed for my Irish passport application. That story is to be continued I’m sure.

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