Sunrises & Sunsets, Vineyard

Twas a Frosty Morning

Let me start by saying…I do not like to be cold. So, when I looked at the weather app on my phone this morning I debated going out for my sunrise walk. 30°F felt like 22°F (-1°C felt like -6°C). But I bundled up knowing that we don’t have many frosty mornings here and there would be some fun photos to capture.

I will admit that it was worth being a bit cold to take these photos. I will also admit that I’m glad we don’t have many frosty mornings.

I am grateful for the silence of winter mornings, for the beauty and wonder of the glint of sunlight in frost melting to dew, for the early-riser’s peaceful solitude that sets a mood of thankfulness, hope, and calm for the dawning day.

~Terri Guillemets

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