The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

In my last post “The Birth of Carinyena” I told you that we wondered why they bothered replanting that plot which seemed so far from their other plots. Well, the last time I hiked up there I met the winemaker heading in the other direction. He stopped his truck and we chatted for a couple of minutes. I was surprised to see him coming down the dirt road past where the new vines had been planted. I was seriously like a little kid as I stumbled over my words trying to ask if the plots of vines down the road were part of the winery where we live. He said yes and I believe he said there were ten plots that were theirs. I was excited because I didn’t think they belonged to this winery and that means I have a LOT MORE vines to explore! YIPPEE!

The winemaker was out checking on the condition of the grapes. A normal process but right now not a very happy one. The 2020 growing season started off with what looked like was going to be an amazing harvest. We had a mild winter and spring was fairly warm with rain. While we were in lockdown the vines were growing like crazy! When we were finally able to get out an walk the vineyard again we were excited to see how happy the vines were.

Unfortunately, the rain that was once beneficial became constant and too much. Not just in this vineyard but throughout the DO of Alt Penedès there is now a plague of mildew. It is extremely serious. Some of the plots look okay like the grape photos above but then there are others that look awful. The past week walking in the vineyard I am almost brought to tears. I know the vines are not mine and I know that any kind of farming is difficult but it is just so devastating to see.

To add to the joy that 2020 is proving to be…of course the COVID-19 pandemic and thus the closing of all restaurants and bars, etc. already caused huge losses in wine sales here. So, add to that the plague of mildew and this year’s harvest now looking to be a disaster…enough is enough.

I think I need a glass of wine now. Make that a bottle…we must support the vineyards!

9 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”

  1. Oh! This is so sad. I didn’t realise mildew like that would grow/appear on fruits. Here in AK, the rain is promoting a lot of habitat for mosquitoes. What happens to the icky grapes and vines???


    1. Hi Kris, I’m not sure what they will do with the bad grapes. The vines get completely pruned each winter but I’m not sure what they will do before then. I hope to ask them some questions next week.
      Welcome back to Alaska!

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      1. Thank you!!!! And if you need a reason for questions, say this lady in Alaska really is curious! There are a lot of vineyards around the Oregon area I normally live, but trespassing is a bad idea there and it is more fun to learn from you!

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      2. Ha ha. No, I don’t need a reason…just have to catch the right person when they aren’t crazy busy. Ah, but mentioning that my worldwide readers are interested might get me more answers! xx

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  2. Aw … I’m sorry to hear the vines aren’t doing so well. The photos are gorgeous, despite the signs of them not doing so well. Grapes can grow quite hearty in the right conditions. Our local vineyards are struggling too. And it’s sad they can’t be open to visitors like in the past. They would be packed at this time of the year, every day. Now it’s outside visits only, and their onsite sales must be challenged by this. They do keep their spirits up and we’ve bought a case and a few onsite glasses to support them. Cheers to supporting winemakers! xx

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    1. Thank you. It makes me so sad even though the vines don’t belong to me. Unfortunately, it looks like a write off this year. So devastating. To make things worse this damage by mildew is not covered by insurance here in Catalunya. I will keep doing my part to support the winemakers!!! xx

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