Viladellops Village, Vineyard

A Rainy Saturday in July

If I remember correctly, it was the middle of May the last time we had any rain. It was forecast for yesterday but we all know how forecasts can go. I was feeling a bit hopeful with this cloud on Friday evening.


Then yesterday morning on my walk all I could do was look at the clouds and keep hoping the forecast would be right.











We kept our fingers crossed as we kept hearing the thunder rumble from the dark clouds. At times we could smell the rain but it wasn’t falling on us yet.

Then we got excited as it started to rain. We kept the windows open until it was raining so hard it was coming inside the windows.


It’s amazing how a little rain can make you so happy. I love the Slo-Mo video setting on my phone.

We only got 15mm (just over a half of an inch) of rain but we’ll take it! The temperature dropped so it has been a very comfortable couple of days. We’re back to full-on sunshine today without a cloud in the sky.


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