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The Panther and the Tart

Busy day yesterday with grocery shopping for the return of Dani and Wayne. You would think grocery shopping would be easy but just like we found in the States it takes going to three to four different stores to get all the things we need. Oh, and there are still two things on the list that we will need to go find at another store. It is holiday time in Europe and although August is the busiest month for tourists here, you sure wouldn’t have known that from the grocery store and the sports store that I went to yesterday. Crazy. Anyway…

We had a late afternoon visit to the beach to cool off and swim. It was great as not too crowded while we were there.

This morning I went for my morning walk and I believe I saw a Panther lurking in the tall grasses.

What do you think…Panther…right?


When I start off in the morning I usually have a route in mind that I want to take. This morning I didn’t quite get to take the path that I wanted. As I was walking through the vineyard I saw something move on the slight hill in front of me. It just looked odd. So, I slowly kept walking and trying to figure out what it was. It was lying down when I saw it and then got up…walked a few feet and sat back down. Bathed itself a bit and then laid down again. I guessed it was a fox but it just seemed weird the way it was acting. (listen to me the fox whisperer). I have no idea what is normal for a fox but it did seem strange to me. Now, I am smart and although I crept closer I still kept very far away from it. I whistled at one point so I could see it move and get a video. All it did was lift its head but didn’t make any other move. Can you tell I was captivated? Tomorrow I will take the binoculars and have a look. My thought was that it isn’t well (if so, even more reason for me to keep my distance) but like I said…I have no idea what is normal.

That long story is why I couldn’t walk where I wanted to walk as I was careful not to get too close and it was exactly where I wanted to go.

It was a gorgeous walk nonetheless.






Then I was stalked by another big cat on the way home. He wasn’t quite as hidden as he thought he was.


After breakfast in the garden, we then got busy in the kitchen. I think I was there baking and washing dishes from the three dishes we made for about four hours. Bob made Spanish Omelette and I made Blueberry Tart and a Blueberry and Peach Crumble. Yummy!





Dani and Wayne arrived from their long weekend in France and we have nothing but eating, drinking, and fun times planned before they head back to Australia on Friday. Tomorrow we have a cava tour at Frexienet and lunch at our friend’s restaurant, La Posada.

Eat, drink, and enjoy each other’s company. Life is good.

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