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Time for Tea

I’ve been offline the past few days trying to get rid of a cough. I caught a cold earlier in the week and now am left with a cough that will not go away. We cancelled dinner out Saturday night with our friends Montse and Alex as I just felt so awful. Yesterday I felt better than I had in days and so we decided to venture out.

Our friend Mark was hosting another of his lovely afternoon teas for charity and knowing that he had been baking all week in preparation we were looking forward to it. The theme was Halloween and there was nothing scary about the menu!



As always Mark outdid himself and the food was amazing! No matter how much we told ourselves we wouldn’t eat as much as last time…we had to sample each delicious item on offer.









There was a raffle for some wonderful prizes. The second photo below is Mark preparing to tell us what we’ve won!



We had a wonderful time and came home with some yummy treats.

Thank you, Mark! Cheers!!


And a shoutout to all those that booked a spot. The proceeds of the event go to a fund Mark has set up in memory of his husband Tony who he lost to cancer two years ago. ♥♥

We are already looking forward to the next afternoon tea in January!

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