Sharing is good…sometimes

From a very young age our parents teach us to share. They explain at every opportunity how sharing is the right thing to do. That is unless you are sick and you share that with a loved one. Bob spent a week in Monaco on business and ended up coming home sick. We’re guessing a bad cold. He tried very hard not to share it with me…but it was out of his control. He is slowly on the mend and I am feeling like I was hit by a bus! Yesterday I couldn’t even write a blog as just felt awful. Today, I still feel awful but after resting on the couch all day I thought I would attempt to write a short blog.

I decided that I will just share with you some photos from a short walk I took the other day. Just pretty pictures. I promise not to share any germs.

Our  parents were right (of course they were) sharing is a good thing to do. 🙂

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