Viladellops Village

Nuestro Pueblo

A glimpse at the little village we call home. More photos than words today. Hope you enjoy.


Viladellops dates back to the year 930. Prior to becoming a village the area was farmed by people that came for a few days to tend their crops and stayed in these dry stone dwellings. The property had over 40 of these dwellings and they have restored 25 of them.



Along with the winery there are 18 houses in the village. Although these photos don’t show it there is a lot of work going on and some exciting changes taking place. I will share those once they are announced.


We even have a jail with a permanent resident.







Of all of the places I thought we would live…a hilltop vineyard in Spain was not one of them. Below is a peek at our little corner of the world.

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